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An independent, Gen-Z creative agency.  

We help brands with social media, marketing, and content geared toward Generation Z. 

We relate to our generation.

We create impactful work.

To resonate with your demographic.


We are the audience. 

We know the audience because
we are the audience.
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We made TikTok videos long before you knew what they were.
We have finstas for our finstas.
We don't sort our laundry by colors.
We are a multicultural group of creatives and strategists, born between 1998-2000.
From creative strategy to integrated campaigns, 

Who We Are 

basement27 was built out of the unexpected, yet remarkable chemistry between four girls in a creative development course at Boston University.

We wanted to see more work that resonates with our generation. Instead of waiting for that to happen, we decided to make the work.


Born and raised on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, Melissa is a creative that began her advertising career in college, while pursuing minors in business and entrepreneurship. Despite her young age, she has gained experience as a Marketing Assistant, Art Director, and in leadership positions at BUTV10 and Guerrilla Marketing Society.

Melissa Chan

Art Director | Strategist, Co-Founder


From the Bay Area and now Beantown, Pearl is our resident strategist with a strong knack for design. As an Advertising major at BU, Pearl was an account executive at BU Adlab and consultant at Guerilla Marketing Society. Her recent internship at Autodesk awakened her interest in the field of tech innovation and advertising.

Pearl Zhong

Art Director | Strategist, Co-Founder

Born in LA, lived in Colombia, China, Taiwan and now Boston, Angie’s creativity crosses borders. While studying Graphic Design with a minor in Advertising at BU, Angie was an Art Director at BU Adlab as well as a Design and Production Intern at Supermarket Creative. Her recent brand work for the CFA Thesis Show showcases her skills in motion graphics. 

Angie Wijaya

Art Director | Designer, Co-Founder

Originally from Jakarta, Maura started her career in advertising at Ogilvy Indonesia as a Copywriter intern. While studying Film & Television and minoring in Advertising at BU, she landed a position at Windy Films as a Pre-Production Intern and now, a Visualist. She has written and directed a number of short films that explore the human condition and self-esteem.

Maura Munaf

Copywriter | Screenwriter, Co-Founder


Through our eyes

aka: why Gen-Z?

01 //

We make up 40% of all consumers.

We're really big shoppers. 


02 //

We are digital natives and make highly-informed decisions.

We'll go through every

online review for the best

pair of...socks. 

03 //

52% of our generation identify as non-white.

We are the most racially and ethnically diverse generation yet. 

04 //

Our spending power?

$143 billion. 

We could buy Google

if we wanted to.  


Let's get to work.

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