Willie's Superbrew

When going out drinking, a sacrifice always has to be made. 


Whether it's spending more or waking up with a headache, you lose something to gain something: a good time.

Enter, spiked seltzers. Shrinks that sacrifice in many ways.


Emerging from the saturated spiked seltzer market is Willie's Superbrew, a Cape Cod-based brand. Made of fermented superfoods. Tastes like Kombucha, but isn't. 

Our campaign, Feel Better Drinking, grows from Willie's Superbrew's brand position as a healthier alternative for alcohol. 


Because when you feel better drinking, you feel better about yourself.  


Subway poster design to target people on their way home from work or a trip. 


To invite customers to socialize, go outdoors, and refresh themselves ​without draining themselves and having the pressure to drink hard liquor.

Help empower customers in what they can do for themselves while still taking the time to enjoy, socialize and seek new adventures with friends.


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